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Jade Regent is a fascinating Adventure Path, maybe one of the most interesting of the paths that Paizo has created to date. It begins in the Varisian town of Sandpoint — the iconic “Jewel of the Lost Coast” that was the starting point for the very first Pathfinder adventure path, Rise of the Runelords — and concludes (assuming you survive) nearly half a world away. It is one of the few adventure paths I’ve seen that seamlessly incorporates some of the most significant themes found in the classic works of High Fantasy: deep mysteries, epic journeys, awesome evil and the fate of nations hanging in the balance.

For the purposes of this campaign, I’m assuming continuity with Rise of the Runelords. The events of that great adventure took place about five years prior to the start of our campaign. Other adventurers, who have since passed into legend, defeated the powerful Runelords and insured the safety of Golarion (at least for a time…). Sandpoint has prospered in the years since; although still plagued by the occasional goblin raid, the town has recovered from the pyromanical depredations of Tsuto Kaijitsu and his goblin dupes and now thrives as the Lost Coast’s primary center for trade and adventure.

The prominent NPCs first mentioned in Runelords all survived those harrowing days and still call Sandpoint their home. The elven rangeress Shalelu Andosana continues her lonely, self-appointed stewardship of the Sandpoint hinterlands. Ameiko Kaijitsu, Tsuto’s half-sister and inheritor of the Kaijitsu family’s titles and wealth, still runs the Rusty Dragon, Sandpoint’s most popular watering hole, although she has yet to come to grips with the dark legacy of her father and half-brother.

Characters for this campaign should be based on a 20-point buy. As you create your characters, pay close attention to the material in the Jade Regent Player’s Guide. Information about Tian society and the empire of Minkai are included for a reason.

The Five Pillars

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