The Five Pillars

Homework Time
How to get started in this thing

For those of you interested in playing, tagging along or just poking at stuff, the first batch of Very Important Player Information for our Jade Regent campaign is now available on Obsidian Portal. Review at your leisure (but not too ‘leisure’) since we’re aiming for a start some time after the holidays. It would be an official good thing, however, to begin rambling discussion of characters and special rules a while in advance. The class types of the various player characters will have an impact on the significant NPCs in the campaign, so I’d like to get that sorted out sooner rather than later to enable better planning on my end.

The Inner Sea Primer provides information about the game world in general, which is particularly useful for figuring out what the hell I’m talking about and for building character backgrounds.

The Jade Regent Player Guide contains campaign-specific background and detail information, plus additional character traits and campaign special rules. I’d particularly like everybody to skim through the special rules for Relationships and Caravans. Relationships with NPCs can yield some important perks and the rules aren’t complex, so I plan to include them. The Caravan rules add quite a bit of complexity — although there’s a lot of opportunity to use them — but I’m leaving their use in the campaign open for discussion at this stage. They don’t come into play immediately, so it’s something we can decide after the campaign has started.

Wiki main page

Maps of the campaign’s initial geographic setting are also available, posted in the Maps section. I’ll have some sort of gazeteer to explain some of the locations on the town map ready before we get started. The Sandpoint town map is subject to modification as I tinker around with things and I figure out what NPCs are going to be in play for the campaign.

Main maps page


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