Half-elf bard and wanderer


Miggs – A half-elf, Miggs’ physical appearance is marked more by his mother’s relation to some distant Azlanti bloodline than by the elven traits inherited from his father. Around six feet tall and of wiry build, he’s dark haired with the receding hairline and violet eyes that commonly mark Azlanti heritage.

Miggs arrived in Sandpoint about three months past. Together with his constant companion Seoni (see below), he took a small suite of rooms in the Rusty Dragon and has since become one of the inn’s more popular attractions. A talented musician and story-teller, Miggs regularly entertains patrons of the Rusty Dragon — sometimes by himself, at other times joining the inn’s owner, Ameiko Kaitjitsu, in musical performances that are always well received. His singing voice is a clear, melodious elven tenor with an unusually broad range; Miggs is also accomplished at playing the elven flute and Varisian pipes.

Although somewhat reticent to discuss his own past, from his story-telling and music Miggs makes it abundantly clear that he is a keen student of lore regarding ancient Thassilon. He is fond of Varisian folk music and seems to have a large repertoire of Elven epics and music as well, although he noticeably (but politely… ) avoids keeping company with his Elder cousins whenever possible.

When he’s not entertaining, Miggs frequently can be found simply exploring the area surrounding Sandpoint in company with Seoni. He’s typically armed with a rapier-like sword of elven design and a composite shortbow, but appears to wear little or no armor.


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