Varisian tribal sorceress


Seoni: A “natural” magic user born into one of Varisia’s numerous barbarian tribes. Blonde, blue-eyed and with a stunning, rough-hewn beauty, Seoni bears Varisian tribal body tattoos that mark her as a powerful evoker of elemental air magic. While not exactly a control freak, Seoni is a big proponent of planning and is easily aggravated by people who tend to jump into things without thinking. Somewhat self-conscious about her thick Varisian accent and “tribal” mannerisms, Seoni speaks to strangers as little as possible and prefers to avoid social settings where city folk or townies might make light of her wild origins.

Seoni is accustomed to her physical appearance attracting a lot of attention and typically deals with both unwelcome advances and insults with subtlety and cleverness. Before locking horns with her, any stranger would do well to reflect that her fulsome, fey form is as much a part of her innate arcane power as are her incantations and nimble gestures.

When encountered Seoni nearly always appears the same. She wears a style of sorceress robes unique to her tribe, designed to offer some protection against the elements while giving full exposure to her complex body tattoos (which is necessary to their arcane purpose). She sometimes wears a broad, flowing travel cloak as an overgarment, but casts it aside when summoning her magical powers. She carries a carved hardwood staff — no one is sure if it bears magical powers or not — and a long tribal knife.

Normally taciturn, Seoni can often be found conversing freely with Miggs in her native Varisian. Whether the conversation appears deep and thoughtful or excited and animated, the two of them are always talking when they’re together.


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