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Campaign stuff like guides and notes live in the Wiki. Maps will live in “Maps”. Derp.

Important Player Guides

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Pathfinder System Reference Document – Website

Inner Sea Primer – PDF

Jade Regent Player Guide -PDF

Pathfinder SORDPDF
—> A handy reference document for skills use and actions in combat.

House Rules

As I shake and bake things, I’ll post proposed house rules here. If you think something sucks, let me know. Nothing is set in stone.

Hero Points

You’re heroes, right? So I plan to use Hero Points. They’re an optional system rule and you can read about them here . Like Stars & Stripes, they’ll make you famous.

Circumstance Bonuses

In-game interactions, particularly with NPCs you encounter or travel with, can earn you one-shot circumstance bonuses for important skill checks. This comes in especially handy in the earlier parts of the AP, while your characters are still sitting on low skill ranks. As a generic example, talking with somebody who’s an expert on a specific area where you’re going to be stomping around might get you a +2 bonus on an important Knowledge (Local) or Survival (Tracking) skill check in the next day or two. When you earn a specific bonus, I’ll let you know (and figure out a way to keep track of it) — then you can burn the bonus when you want to.

Level Up!

Nobody really likes to keep track of Experience Points for individual characters, do they? I hate fiddly XP math. So I scribble down (in advance) a chart of the XP awards for the various upcoming encounters, available bonuses and story awards, which lets me establish milestones for advancement along the story arc. The milestones flex a little to accommodate things like random encounters or particularly brilliant play. Hit a milestone, everbody levels up — usually during a rest period at a fairly safe place or at the end of a game session. It can speed up the process considerably if you plan in advance what you want your crunch to look like at the next character level. Once we get started I can open a forum topic where we can discuss leveling options in between sessions. If everybody’s well prepared to level up, then only a small session break is needed to apply the new crunch.

NPCs don’t level up like player characters. They all start play a few levels above the PCs, and they likely won’t level again until you’ve passed them by a couple of character levels. After that, rule of thumb is that you can figure NPCs in your party will be two levels below your PC levels.

Hot Crunchy Dice

a) Each PC’s beginning bankroll is his highest possible Starting Wealth (i.e. assume you roll “6” on all of your Starting Wealth d6 rolls). Example: Starting Wealth for a Bard is 3d6 x 10 gp — so a bard in this campaign starts with 180 gp. A dude has to have his man-toys!

b) Starting hit points are equal to the best possible roll on your class hit dice, plus CON bonus (as usual). At level up, each PC gains hit points equal to the maximum result on his class hit dice, plus CON bonus. You want a game killer? Work to earn that 105,000 XP to level up and then roll just one lousy additional hit point. That’ll ruin your day. You guys are friggin heroes!


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