Sandpoint Economics

Sandpoint is a “Small Town” for purposes of buying and selling stuff around town. It’s the only settlement of any size along the Lost Coast between Magnimar and Riddleport. Most simple weapons are available at Savah’s Armory, as are the most popular martial weapons like the longsword, longbow, scimitar, rapier and battleaxe. If you want to buy a specific weapon that’s not always available, your friendly neighborhood GM will check Savah’s stock for you. Stock changes weekly, so check back often.

For purposes of selling items around town, the general limit on the value of a single item is 5,000 gp. If you have something of higher value to sell, you might get lucky and find somebody with deep pockets around town. This requires spending a week and making a Diplomacy check (DC variable depending on item’s value). Or you can just hold on to it and sell it in a bigger town.

The base cost limit on magic items is 1,000 gp. That means there’s a 75 percent chance that any “minor” magic item valued 1,000 gp or less is available for purchase at Savah’s (magic weapon), The Feathered Serpent (magic items) or the town market (magic anything). The 75 percent chance is checked for each instance of an item (i.e. multiple potions of cure light wounds). A failed stock check persists for one week, after which the check may be attempted again. Higher value, specific magic weapons and “medium” magic items are also available on a changing basis.

Special items currently available are listed below. They may change weekly (in campaign time) or less often.

Special Items Around Town


  • +1 Arrows @ 40 gp each (50)
  • +2 Hand Crossbow @ 8400 gp
  • Lesser Mace of Smiting @ 12,000 gp


  • Ring of Protection +1 @ 2000 gp
  • Lesser Rod of Empower Spell @ 9000 gp
  • Boots of Elvenkind @ 2500 gp
  • Scroll of Shout, Bard CL 8 @ 800 gp
  • Scroll of Wall of Sound, Bard CL 8 @ 800 gp
  • Scroll of Phantom Steed Communal, Bard CL 8 @ 800 gp

Sandpoint Economics

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